Classic Wedding Day Pictures Every Couple Needs to Take

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. However, on your wedding day photos are priceless! Wedding photographs are a gift that you will treasure for years to come. Capture every kiss, caress and loving look with these classic wedding couple pictures.


Must-Have Wedding Day Pictures

Down The Aisle

Capture the moment where it all begins; at the head of the aisle! Surrounded by family, the bride and groom are the focal points of this photograph. This aesthetic arrangement makes the down the aisle photo not only one of the most important, but one of the most beautiful wedding couple pictures that you will cherish from the day you exchange nuptials.

Just Married

You may kiss the bride! This “just married” picture encapsulates all the joy and excitement of the first few seconds of married life. While this picture has the newly married couple as the focal point, smiling family and friends make this fun addition to any photo album.

First Dance

The first dance that a husband and wife share is a romantic, timeless tradition that is a must-have for any collection of wedding day pictures. In addition to it being a sweet, picturesque moment, it is wholly focused on the couple, without other dancers in the frame. Since everyone attending the wedding will eventually join the dancing couple, this may be the only chance a photographer has at capturing the newlyweds sharing an intimate moment on the dance floor.

The In-Love Look

One of the most classic wedding photos depicts the bride and groom gazing into each other’s eyes. The relaxed posture of the couple and their soft, blissful smiles reveal a tender private moment. Taking these intimate photos outside adds interest to the shot.

The Dip and Kiss

As with the previous must-have wedding day picture, a groom dipping his bride into an intimate kiss is a wonderful addition to your collection of photos, offering a fun fairytale memory you won’t want to forget.

The Gals

Besides the couple and close family, among the most important members of a wedding are the bridesmaids. After all, all those hours spent helping with the decorations and details can’t be taken for granted! Traditionally, the bridal party is composed of the bride’s closest friends and family. The Gals is a wedding photo that you and your bridal party will cherish for years to come.

The Guys

 The groomsmen are an equally important part of the wedding party and are the groom’s closest friends and family. Gather the guys up for an informal photo that shows off their personalities and relationship with each other.

Before The Reveal!

Capturing the essence of your decorated venue just before it’s revealed to the guests is a classic wedding day picture that you won’t want to miss. Make sure your photographer has access to the room to shoot every detail before the party gets started!

From the center pieces to the table settings and the other details, a photo of the reception area pre-party will capture every detail of your wedding planning endeavors. To get the best photos of your venue, allow the photographer access to the beautiful room before any of the guests arrive. Capturing the essence of the decorated venue is a classic wedding day picture that every couple will love.

The Cake

Cakes are beautiful showpieces that may hold just as much romantic significance as the bouquet. Make sure to capture a picture of the cake before you cut into it!

Wedding Mementos

Every wedding has a collection of mementos that the photographer should capture. For example, wedding rings, invitations, flowers and place settings are all details that you personally picked out and designed. Go over everything that’s important to you with your photographer ahead of time, so that you don’t miss anything that made your day so beautiful.

Ensure You Capture the Perfect Wedding Day Pictures!

With so many opportunities for beautiful, classic wedding day pictures, your wedding and reception venue are often just as important as the photos themselves. Make sure you have the most stunning photos possible at either one of The Clayton Venues, located in Downtown Scottsdale. Whether you choose The Clayton House or The Clayton on The Park, these beautiful wedding venues will set the stage for amazing wedding pictures you will enjoy for years to come! Contact them for more information about booking your wedding today.

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