Getting Married in Arizona? Here’s What to Know

July 17th, 2019 5:07pm

Perfect weather, expert planning and a stunning venue—these elements create the foundation for any couple’s dream wedding. Whether you call Arizona home or are curious about all that the 48th state has to offer on your big day, there are endless reasons why you should tie the knot here.

Several Arizona cities are among the nation’s best places to get married, with Tucson and Scottsdale claiming their spots among the top 20, for factors ranging from cost to facilities. It may come as no surprise that Scottsdale ranks number four for best weather in the whole United States! That means an almost guaranteed sunny day for outdoor selfies and photo ops. Reason enough to start touring venues in Arizona?

Here’s what every bride, groom, or planner should know about getting married in Arizona.

Your Complete Guide to Getting Married in Arizona


For nine months out of the year, Arizona, and specifically the Sonoran Desert, is a paradise of wonderful weather, perfect for both indoor and outdoor weddings.

Arizona’s high and low wedding seasons are heavily influenced by the climate. As a result, both the availability and cost will vary for venues and services, depending on which month you choose. High season hovers around March to May, picking up again in the Fall.

You can usually expect the following climate in Phoenix, Arizona’s most populous metro area:

  • July – Hottest
  • December and January – Coolest
  • March – Most Variable
  • June – Dryest and Clearest


Because most of Arizona’s population resides either in the Phoenix or Tucson metro areas, finding nearby quality vendors and venues within close proximity of each other is quite simple. There is a plethora of accommodations for out-of-town guests, ranging from AirBnBs to luxurious brand name resorts, with an airport always closeby. 

All in all, you’ll have countless options to choose from to tailor your wedding to your particular vision, whether that be rustic, modern or something in between. The unique desert landscape and surrounding mountains make a stunning backdrop for your wedding photos. 


If you’re on the hunt for some expert help to make your big day come to life, Phoenix is home to a host of experienced professionals to do just that. The best wedding planners of 2019 is a list that ranks the top seventeen Phoenix wedding planners based on their reputation, credibility, experience, availability, and professionalism. This extensive list is sure to make any couple’s dream day come to life.

Whether you decide to hire a wedding planner or get crafty with Pinterest inspiration, Arizona is home to a variety of high-quality vendors, including caterers, florists and bakers who will help you to design your magical day with every detail you have envisioned. 


Caught up in the whirlwind of wedding planning, it can be easy to forget about the legal and bureaucratic aspects of the wedding. Without the right documentation and signatures, your wedding ceremony won’t hold any weight legally. Though state marriage requirements are relatively uniform across the country, detailed legalities can vary depending on the jurisdiction. Therefore, familiarizing yourself with Arizona’s state marriage laws will ensure things go smoothly as residents of the state legalize their union. 

For a marriage to be valid in Arizona, the couple must obtain a marriage license and participate in a ceremony that’s officiated by authorized personnel. In order to obtain a marriage license, the couple must both visit one of the Justice Court offices in their jurisdiction and bring a valid ID with them. 

For more information on specific Arizona marriage license requirements and cost, check in with your Arizona county:

Couples visiting Arizona for a destination wedding should check in with the marriage laws back home before saying “I do”.

Start a Bright Future Together in the Sunniest State

Excitement builds for your special day builds as you pick a date, find the perfect venue, choose a planner and take care of the legal aspects. If you’re still looking to “say yes” to the perfect modern wedding venue, contact The Clayton Venues to explore two of Arizona’s most elegant wedding spaces.

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