7 Modern Wedding Arches to Inspire Your Ceremony

Traditionally, wedding arches have deep cultural and religious significance representing protection, divine presence, home and more. Today, modern couples utilize wedding arches to aesthetically adorn the very spot where they’ll exchange vows.

The wedding arch can be an integral part of the wedding ceremony, as it is the focal point that all eyes will see behind the action. In addition, a beautifully crafted wedding arch can serve as a tasteful backdrop for the perfect wedding picture.

Take your ceremony to new heights and frame the moment that you become newlyweds with these modern wedding arches to inspire your ceremony.


Say ‘I Do’ With These Wedding Arches From Real Weddings

Wooden Arbor

This wooden ceremony arbor accented with leafy foliage and clusters of roses is nothing short of incredible. The newlyweds personalized this wedding arch with a traditional tallit, or Jewish prayer shawl, to represent their culture and religion.

Simple Foliage

This simple arch of green foliage is a natural focal point for a romantic wedding ceremony. The garland becomes an extension of the aisle decor, tying the space together in a naturally tasteful way.

Grand Alcove

This alcove is decorated with lush greenery and stunning white roses framing the gleeful newlywed couple. Candles at the base of the arch are a simple, elegant touch.

Rose-filled Archway

Wedding arches add an elegant touch to any wedding. However, they can also hold deep meaning for the wedded couple. In this case, the pink and white roses nestled into this grand arch symbolize new beginnings and everlasting love.

Bold Shapes

The unusual shape of this unique wedding arch ventures far from the beaten path. Striking, yet minimal, this structure adds a simple frame without diverting attention from the beauty of the couple.


This simple copper arch draws attention to the happy couple without distracting from the overall ceremony. Create this arch with fresh foliage and pink roses, which convey grace, gentleness, joy and happiness.

Sweet and Simple

The simple geometric design is balanced with sweet florals in a summery yellow and white color scheme. This simple yet sweet ceremony arch frames the couple for the perfect wedding photo.

Start Your Wedding Day Planning

Clearly, the wedding arch can be designed to complement any wedding decor and introduces the theme during that most important moment, the wedding ceremony.
However, perhaps the most vital element in your wedding day vision is the perfect venue!

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